Forrester Report: API Product Management is Key for API Success

Reading Time: < 1 minute “Many organizations view APIs as an IT concern. However, having IT lead your API business strategy is the opposite of an API business strategy. You must view APIs as interfaces into business products and employ API product managers (PMs) to guide API business strategy. Users’ needs must also shape API design. This puts the customer at the center of your API design, better enabling your API leadership team to sense and respond to market circumstances and API stakeholders’ needs. This report helps ensure that your API strategy has proper direction instead of floundering as it spawns numerous APIs, wandering aimlessly without any consumer-driven feedback.”

IDC Technology Spotlight | Digital Transformation Success Requires an API-Centric Approach

Reading Time: < 1 minute Are you digitally determined or digitally distraught? IDC’s research shows the majority of business leaders do not believe they have a comprehensive tactical technology plan for how to achieve their digital business capability objectives.  Without the broader leadership having an appreciation for digital process priorities and the corresponding technologies and modalities necessary for “being digital,” […]