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The ignite Platform for Healthcare

APIs and digital platforms have the potential to support a changing healthcare landscape where the insurer, provider and member are partners in care, easily – and digitally – navigating the fragmented healthcare ecosystem.

Many healthcare organizations have discovered however there is more to it than just migrating to the cloud or releasing a few public APIs. Digital transformation is broad with many parallel tracks, extra compliance and standards to follow, and silos of data and functionality to unlock.

How the ignite Platform
Supports Healthcare

Do more and manage complexity with the ignite Platform

Accelerate Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The ignite platform enables you to adapt and serve the fast changing needs of the healthcare industry.

Deliver Digital Healthcare Initiatives

Support trends like on-demand healthcare and telehealth using existing capabilities

Member Journey and Care Delivery

Provide self-guided care products like manage my account & manage my coverage

Regulatory and Compliance

Sharing data, electronic health records, customer 360, personalization and optimization, identity access and management

Architecture and Digital Foundation

Integration, core system replacement, delivering interoperability, and AI enabled medical devices

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Learn the best industry practices.

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ignite was developed to meet the highly specific needs of large enterprises.

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Effectively deliver your digital transformation initiatives with
the ignite Platform.

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Maximize your APIs, and revolutionize your digital transformation with the ignite Platform.

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