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Accelerated IT Modernization

Modernize legacy systems, prevent vendor lock-in, and accelerate digital initiatives.

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About ignite for Accelerated IT Modernization

The ignite Platform helps enterprises modernize IT and support innovation through digital enablement, while responding to regulatory and executive reporting demands.

The ignite Platform helps enterprises launch capabilities, replace core platforms and support integration needs at the same time. Sitting upstream and integrating with CI/CD pipelines and distributed run environments, ignite facilitates the consistent design, creation and lifecycle of the thousands of contracts, configuration, mappings, code and documentation artifacts that will be created in the next 3 years supporting multi-cloud, digital products, and day-to-day integration efforts.

Features of Accelerated IT Modernization

Launch capabilities, replace core systems, modernize platforms, integrate thousands of applications, and scale your internal IT environment.

Accelerated IT Modernization in Practice

Sitting left of your CI/CD pipelines and distributed run environments, ignite integrates with your existing architecture and leverages the work of your technical talent across the enterprise with standard frameworks, built-in governance, and an extended lifecycle that scales.

ignite allows the business to collaborate with IT on functionality needed and by when; developers to focus less on basic data transmission and more on the overarching business logic that puts data in the context of business value; and architects and analysts to accurately measure the impact of changes.

Increased Developer Productivity

Developers are able to focus less on basic data transmission and more on the overarching business logic that puts data in the context of business value

Strategic Prioritization

Business and architects prioritize and accurately measure the impact of changes and rationalization when launching products, migrating to the cloud, and replacing core systems

Comprehensive Source Library

Business analysts create library of source and target mapping, contribute to the abstracted catalog while helping automate parts of the proxy and mapping development lifecycle

Increased Efficiency

Saves 50% of the effort in creating, bundling, updating and extending APIs, services and events; makes discovery and reuse easy, and provides an abstraction flexibility hedge while shaving months to years off of product launches

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Learn how to scale API development while supporting day-to-day integration of multiple in-house and third-party systems and replacing core platforms to support digital.

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ignite was developed to meet the highly specific needs of large enterprises.

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