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Empower and reduce complexity in distribution, customer experience, and innovation.

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The ignite Platform
for Retail

The 5 trillion dollar and growing retail industry is supported by APIs, Service, and Events. Frameworks that Push, Pull, Secure, and Transform internal and external Data-Streams into value. This industry is focused on empowering and reducing complexity in B2B, B2C, Distribution, Customer Experience, and Innovation. That starts with the Data, APIs, Services, Events, and Models that provide a backbone to the Retail Market.

The Global Retail industry is challenged with providing accessibility and efficiency to its ecosystem of Material, Branding, and Distribution channels while constantly seeking to improve the Loyalty and Experience for its Customers. There are several layers of complexity that must be overcome by the Product, Development, and Leadership Teams of a Retail organization to be considered a “Household Name”.

How the ignite Platform
Supports Retail

Provide accessibility to your ecosystem while improving customer experience.

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ignite was developed to meet the highly specific needs of large enterprises.

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