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Enable digital services to run anywhere and anytime while reducing the complexity of increasing integration of applications, data, and management across all cloud providers and locations.

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ignite for Architects

Enterprises are responding to transforming business models and digital opportunities through the development of open digital platforms and velocity frameworks.

To accelerate responsiveness, while meeting increasing regulatory/technology compliance requests, the ignite Platform addresses the gap in the API, Event and Service Lifecycle Management and Catalog as part of the componentized and best of breed architecture.

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How ignite Empowers Architects

Easily manage and reuse bundle-ready APIs with a Holistic Catalog and an Extended API Lifecycle.

Holistic Catalog

Enable self-service governance of API design, specifications, and implementations (contract, configuration, code, documentation). With a comprehensive overview, you can stop duplicative services while supporting risk and security classification.

Extended API Lifecycle

Support both “top-down” and “bottom-up” development. The focus on plan, design and build supports a “top-down” domain driven design, business capability, and product ownership approach, with a collaborative lifecycle and expanded audience. The “bottom-up” (pass-thru) development allows developers to build APIs, Services, and Events in their preferred environment, import and validate against standards, governance and compliance rules, and quickly made adjustments and generate approved artifacts.

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ignite was developed to meet the highly specific needs of large enterprises.

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