Product Sheet

ignite’s Extended Service Lifecycle Management

Extending the API and Service Lifecycle with the ignite platform 

It’s clear large organizations need APIs and Services in order to launch innovative products, enter new digital ecosystems, comply with regulation, and build successful partnerships. But by focusing on only the developer-centric parts of the API and Service Lifecycle it’s hard to move fast, align to business requirements, and involve your whole organization in the process. 

The ignite platform allows enterprises to automate and deskill parts of the API and Service Lifecycle and integrate with CI/CD and runtime platforms to create critical APIs at scale – and in a consistent, safe, and faster way with baked-in governance and standards. 

Learn more on how ignite helps digital leaders build out their holistic catalog with the thousands of APIs and Services representing their business and IT capabilities, allowing them to respond to transforming business models and digital opportunities, fast and safely.