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About Us

digitalML helps large enterprises transform their complex IT legacies into nimble digital systems.

Trusted by The World’s Leading Enterprises


Igniting the World’s Leading Enterprises

Our Vision

digitalML’s unique vision is designed to help large enterprises digitally transform and give them a competitive advantage.

We pour in time to implement our vision, and measure success through the advantages we impart to our clients. The combination of our tried-and-true technology, long-term customer commitment, industry-specific solutions, and experience based expertise, ensures that our priorities are aligned to deliver long term success.

Our Company

Since digitalML’s establishment in 2000, we’ve been a dependable partner of large enterprises on their digital transformation journeys.

Our company is privately held, profitable, and growing sustainably. Our stability and track record ensure that we deliver ongoing customer success.

What can we help you find?

The Leadership Team

Jeremy Sindall - CEO


Debbie Bentley

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The Leadership Team

Kelly Maltman - VP, MARKETING


Kelly Maltman

Kelly joined digitalML in 2016 to help launch its marketing initiatives. She’s responsible for the company’s overall brand positioning and communications. She also supports their customer’s internal marketing needs by helping them navigate the space, evangelizing their API initiatives and crafting stories around their successes.

The Leadership Team

Dick Brown


Dick Brown

Dick Brown is Vice President of Product at digitalML, and heads up our product roadmap, features and innovation planning along with customer planning, delivery, support, and solutions teams. Dick’s team ensures that ignite features, customer solutions, and product direction align with customer objectives to achieve their strategic goals. His experience spans feature & solutions development, program management, software consultancy, sales and marketing across multiple industries. Dick offers a record of success developing and implementing complex enterprise software solutions across international markets, including the UK, Europe, Australia, and emerging markets in Africa and South America.

The Leadership Team

Pierre Jacobs - VP, ENGINEERING


Pierre Jacobs

Pierre is responsible for all delivery aspects of digitalML’s flagship ignite Platform. Pierre brings extensive experience in helping enterprises accelerate digital transformation and adoption.

Prior to joining digitalML, Pierre was Engineering Director at Mastercard, where he was responsible for real-time payment gateways, a critical enabler in moving nations’ economies into the twenty-first century.

Prior to Mastercard, Pierre’s considerable consulting experience in digital enablement led to successful collaborations with Google to create best-in-class automotive intelligence solutions. He also partnered with Capgemini, BT, Fujitsu and Aspire to revolutionise digital communication with HM Revenue and Customs.

Pierre holds formal qualifications in both Software Engineering and Nutritional Medicine.

The Leadership Team



John Bogard

John has an impressive background in sales, business development, and marketing in technology and business services. He’s also experienced in generating revenue and growth in early stage companies as well as larger public corporations.

He joined digitalML in 2006 as the company launched in the US. Currently, he is responsible for driving all sales efforts and extending the ignite Platform within the marketplace.

Prior to digitalML, John was VP of Sales at MCC:o2, a global venture accelerator for early stage technology ventures. This company is responsible for launching new products, and producing repeatable and scalable revenue for client companies from the US and Europe.

Prior to MCC:o2, John was in enterprise sales with salesforce.com, the worldwide leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) services. Prior to this, he was responsible for a sales and business development team at Apex Systems, Inc.

John earned his BA in Political Science and Business Administration from the University of Calgary.

The Leadership Team

Jeremy Sindall - CEO

Jeremy Sindall

Jeremy founded digitalML in June 2000. He undertook the challenge to build a new type of post .com era enterprise software company by throwing out the old playbook and focusing on the needs of the largest enterprises.

Under his leadership, digitalML has become instrumental to the transformation of some of the largest enterprises in the world by leveraging a portfolio of business-led APIs and Services. This level of success has been reached while achieving impressive organic growth and by reinventing profits into R&D. During this growth period, the company has also expanded from its UK base into Germany and North America.

Prior to digitalML, Jeremy was the VP EMEA for Interleaf. Here, he was a member of the Senior Management Team that led a three-year turnaround of the business from a market cap of $13M to a trade sale to BroadVision (NASDAQ:BVSN) for $870M.

Prior to Interleaf, Jeremy served 12 years at Xerox — during the time when their PARC research labs were creating many of the IT foundations that we all rely on today. At the culmination of his stay at Xerox, he ran Xerox’s software division, XSoft for Southern Europe based in Paris.

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