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Chief Architect and Advisor

Sayee Bapatla

Sayee Bapatla

Sayee Bapatla has more than 20 years of technology experience in Financial Services and Scientific Data Processing areas. He brings to digitalML key insights to the complex requirements of large enterprises especially in the field of Financial Services.

Mr. Bapatla was Chief Architect at Wells Fargo responsible Enterprise Core Services Architecture and Data. He also held senior management roles at BNY Mellon, where he was Managing Director, Chief Architect for Enterprise and later moved onto large technology transformations and client facing implementations. Mr. Bapatla held senior management roles at TD Ameritrade as Managing Director, Chief Architect, JP Morgan as Chief Business Technologist, Citi Bank as Technology Director for Equity, Fixed Income, Derivatives Trading Platforms globally supported Buy/Sell side and retail trading across the enterprise.

Mr. Bapatla holds a MS Degree and worked for Indian Space Research (ISRO/NRSA) as Engineer/Scientist in Satellite Data and image processing areas.

Sayee Bapatla

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