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ignite Platform

The ignite platform provides a holistic service catalog as well as an end-to-end lifecycle with a focus on plan, design, and build, generating most of the required code and gateway settings directly to your CI/CD and run. With proven success, our customers use ignite to build and manage a catalog and the lifecyle of APIs and Microservices (+SOAP and composite services, business capabilities, glossaries, information models, mappings, metadata, building block code, and documentation) - and deploy the artifacts to their implementation platforms of choice. This allows you to digital transform as well as modernize your IT - fast.

A screenshot of the ignite platform
Discoverability and Prioritization

Holistic Service Catalog

Discoverability and Availability Discoverability and availability of all your services (APIs, Microservices, Legacy). This allows you to see your business function coverage, identify gaps, view heatmaps, and see the categories of APIs you may have (e.g. experience, process, system, 3rd party, etc.)
Business and IT Capability Views Multiple roles within your organization can get the views they need, which are modularized and organized in a way which can be understood by business teams, while still containing sufficient levels of detail for technical audiences to drill down to.
Reusable Building Blocks All assets in your catalog are available as abstracted designs ready for reuse and product creation enabling your organization to collaborate and prioritize initiatives. As you gain more coverage in this catalog, you speed up your service design lifecycle, launching more and more building blocks that pass compliance checks for future reuse (and self-serve bundling) -- all of which contributes to a faster time to market and your collective ability to innovate.
Full Versioning The abstraction layer is used to generate new versions of runtime ready artifacts. ignite provides a comprehensive environment for version management.
Endpoint Management ignite allows you to specify and provision endpoints as well as obtain visibility of them and their interactions.
API Product Management Create API Products for specific digital needs and manage them the same way you manage your physical products. With insight into who owns them, how they're performing, and how they measure against key KPIs, you can make smarter strategic decisions and see how your APIs are increasing your bottom line.
This illustration explains how ignite's service catalog works
Plan, Design, and Build

Full Lifecycle Management

Find, Combine, and Deploy Scale and launch new innovations by being able to de-skill parts of the lifecycle. It's as simple as going into your catalog to find the building blocks you need, combining them into API Products, and deploying to your CI/CD or runtime.
Self-Service Bundling Enforce what is currently abstracted with bundle ready scores and use your catalog as an innovation lab to market test your pipeline of ideas.
Prioritize, Estimate, and Request New ignite helps leadership identify low hanging fruit and to prioritize the most critical work loads.
End to end reporting ignite comes with prebuilt reporting on a variety of aspects, if you still need more there is a powerful customizable reporting engine that you can leverage for custom reports.
Policy, Security Creation and Inclusion ignite's extensive governance features ensure full enforcement of policy and security standards without slowing you down.
Built in Governance Baked in governance actually speeds time to market rather than being a bottleneck.
Ignite: Full Lifecycle Management

The Journey with ignite

ignite: Import and Organize Import and Organize

Start by importing and organizing your legacy assets, whether they are SOAP web services, REST services, data models, classifaction taxonomies or 3rd party APIs. Then classify what you've imported for a holistic view of your business and IT capabilities.

ignite: Plan, Design, Build Plan, Design, Build

Once you have a catalog you'll want to design and maintain your services. With ignite you can design new or update an interface, design or update models, manage endpoints, check for interface compliance and completeness, view runtime ready artifacts, and report on what's going on.

ignite: Self-Service Governance & Federated Development Self-Service Governance & Federated Development

Once you have your service lifecycle in place, you can scale across your organization with baked in governance that guarantees quality and consistency. Developer+ templates allow you to publish your service interfaces to your build pipeline and generate artifacts in different flavors - API Management, ESB, Messages and Events, etc.

Futureproof Your Architecture

Pluggable Integrations with Your Existing Architecture & Platforms​

Artifact Templates Templates support multiple platforms with various output choices which also gives you flexibility to move to future technology when needed. and future flexibility whether supporting API Gateway, ESB, Events, Istio Service Mesh, or whatever comes next.
CI/CD Deployment Deploy straight from ignite and trigger governance from CI/CD pipelines supporting further automating pipeline (metadata as a services) and puts power in developer's hands.
Task Management ignite has prebuilt integrations with task management systems to ensure project tasks related to building APIs and API Products can be included in your Agile processes.
Consolidated Runtime Dashboard With ignite’s devops dashboard you can see where all your services are running and who is consuming what.
Proxy Settings With pre-built integrations to the leading runtime solutions, proxy configuration can be driven from the design.
The ignite platform offers pluggable integrations with existing IT architecture & platforms
APIs in Hours

Tools and Content

Customizable Accelerators Flexible interfaces tailored for your organizations processes and showcasing the views you care about most, best of all they bake in governance, helping you move faster. Accelerators include the ability to do things like design a new API in 5 steps or easily extend and refactor existing services.
Content Foundation Packs With ignite comes a foundation pack for your industry (Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail are currently available; other sector packs are in the pipeline). These packs include Business capability models, domain-based information models (sometimes referred to as Canonical Models), Business glossaries, and a pre-built set of abstracted business capability building blocks.
Import, Organize and Migration Tools Import your existing assets into your holistic repository for a complete view of your current maturity, whether it’s WSDLs, Copybook, XSD, JSON, or Excel XML.
Information Model Management Use ignite to manage your domain based information models with the ability to use those models in order to produce consistent and reusable design artifacts.
ignite platform offers useful tools and content

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Best in class for API & Service Lifecycle Management

Chief Architect in the Finance Industry

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Unique feautures for data management and potential do full lifecycle management

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