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Digital Recombination and Product Innovation

Rapidly combine APIs, Services, and Events for Innovation

ignite for Digital Recombination and
Product Innovation

Technical differentiation is now synonymous with market leadership. Market leaders are nimble and responsive like their digitally-native competitors. To lead, IT and business capabilities need to be structured and organized in a way where they can be rapidly reconfigured to support digital initiatives and IT modernization.

The goal state for digital market leadership facilitates enterprise-wide digital recombination. The ignite Platform enables you to rapidly launch new products and services, and opens up entry into new markets and business models.

The Power of Digital Recombination and Product Innovation

Tap into Existing IT and Business Functions for Compounded Innovation

Digital Recombination and Product Innovation in Practice

There are several stages of digital recombination ability, and if done right this can net you compounded innovation and digital market leadership.

Make Assets Discoverable

Turn the API, Service and Event chaos into a discoverable catalog

Reliable Building Blocks

Standardize your APIs, Services and Events (existing, new, updated and bundled)

Fast Innovation

Capture and manage digital complexity to enable accelerated recombination

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Learn effective ways to re-combine APIs, Services, and Events to support your pipeline of ideas and priorities.

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ignite was developed to meet the highly specific needs of large enterprises.

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