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Episode 1: Roadmap to Digital Recombination for Enterprises

Episode 1: Roadmap to Digital Recombination for Enterprises

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Learn How to Tap Existing IT and Business Functions for Compounded Innovation

All enterprises are digital businesses. For existing market leaders this means in practice, becoming a world-class innovative development shop. Technical differentiation is now synonymous with market leadership, and winners are nimble and responsive like their digitally-native competitors.

The goal state for digital market leadership is one which facilitates enterprise-wide digital recombination – the ability to combine existing capabilities (represented as best-of-breed APIs/Services/Events) rapidly and innovatively at scale, while enabling business and IT alignment.

Listen to this 30-minute webinar with Jeremy Sindall and John Bogard for a practical roadmap on how to get to this goal state. We’ve been working with Fortune 500 enterprises and leading analysts in the space for 20 years, so we understand the complexities of such a transformation – it’s not as simple as hand-crafting some APIs!

Listen now to gain:

  • A recap of the digital space: Initiatives and challenges we’re seeing across customers and verticals
  • A unique approach to digital recombination at scale – it’s attainable quickly and safely
    Practical roadmap to success with real-world examples in the ignite platform


John Bogard

Chief Revenue Officer, digitalML

Jeremy Sindall

CEO, digitalML

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