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Report: 7 Digital Transformation Predictions for 2022

Report: 7 Digital Transformation Predictions for 2022

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According to recent McKinsey research, 2021 was a year of transformation: enterprises began to look ahead to influencing their futures rather than just surviving the present.

In 2022 we’re excited to watch that transformation drive digital ecosystem growth, new opportunities, and a focus on how to meet the customer where they are.

But how do you do all this if you’re a large enterprise with a rigid integration layer and technical debt? Read our report to learn more on our predicted trends for the year – they’re all key enablers for overcoming this challenge.

Our 7 predictions detailed in this report include:

1: The exponential growth of the integration ecosystem

Internal and external ecosystems, and the need to manage the complexities of both

2: The growing need for communication throughout the API, Service, Event lifecycle

Everyone can be a provider, and everyone also a consumer

3: A realization regarding the road to the composable enterprise

Transparency into what capabilities are actually composable (and how to make them so if they’re not), when you’re an incumbent with a rigid integration layer

4: A rise in scrutiny from external regulators and internal compliance on API programs

Getting ahead of the game with governance and security also gains you a competitive advantage

5: The move to manage APIs upstream of their runtimes

In response to the commoditization of runtime solutions

6: The re-rise of the Enterprise Architect

And their unique bridge between business and IT

7: CIOs evolving into a business player

A natural leader to help drive business progression in enterprises becoming more tech focused

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