Forrester Report: API Product Management is Key for API Success

"Many organizations view APIs as an IT concern. However, having IT lead your API business strategy is the opposite of an API business strategy. You must view APIs as interfaces into business products and employ API product managers (PMs) to guide API business strategy. Users’ needs must also shape API design. This puts the customer at the center of your API design, better enabling your API leadership team to sense and respond to market circumstances and API stakeholders’ needs. This report helps ensure that your API strategy has proper direction instead of floundering as it spawns numerous APIs, wandering aimlessly without any consumer-driven feedback."
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Forrester’s recent report: API Product Management is Key for API Success highlights the need for a business led API strategy. This report provides a framework outlining the:

  • pitfalls of an IT led strategy
  • the benefits of a product management led approach
  • and next steps on executing

THE MYTH “The industry says to just build APIs as your projects execute and you will end up with a beautiful coherent portfolio”.

THE REALITY “This approach leads to an incoherent junk drawer of APIs. When APIs are treated as an IT implementation concern, your API portfolio meanders haphazardly from one project to the next with no long-term vision.”

Instead use API Product Management to deliver results. Viewing your APIs as an interface into business capabilities not applications means you gain:  

  • New business opportunities
  • Increased agility and quality
  • Increased revenues
  • Reduced IT costs from self-service onboarding
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Additional benefits of a business led API strategy and using APIs to unlock business capabilities include:

  • Improved design, documentation, discovery, and adoption…
  • Which leads to increased reuse
  • Improved architecture
  • Increased consistency and speed to market
  • Tailored governance models
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Download Latest Forrester Report: API Product Management is Key to API Sucess

This report helps ensure that your API strategy has proper direction as you create thousands of APIs that unlock business capabilities. 

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