Gain Unparalleled Advantage with the ignite Platform

ignite is the only platform designed with enterprises, for enterprises. Our platform compliments your existing IT investments – exposing IT and business functions in an easy-leverageable way.

Support multiple roles beyond developers, disrupt manual processes in the integration lifecycle, and enable future-flexibility and digital differentiation.

Holistic API Catalog

Create a catalog of API, Service, and Event Designs that can be understood and reused by everyone across your enterprise.

Reusable Building Blocks

Discover, reuse and combine approved building blocks into new products.

High-Quality APIs

Align to a maturity model, governance, standards, patterns, and scoring.

A Single Source of Truth

Build a synchronized and reliable Service catalog through bi-diretional integration.

Maximize Productivity

Gain a force multiplier on hard to find talent like developers and product owners.

API and Service Chaos to Holistic Catalog: Built Quickly

Start by importing, organizing, and normalizing your existing APIs, Services, and Events to understand the maturity and completeness of your catalog coverage and gaps.

From there you can accurately determine what APIs, Services, and Events are compliant enough to be reused across your organization, what needs to have governance and standards applied, or what needs to be built new through ignite’s extended API and Service lifecycle.

ImportImport APIs Easily

Import existing or new APIs and with multiple types supported like WSDLs or OpenAPI.

TaxonomiesIncrease Discoverability

Organize APIs, Services, and Events according to business taxonomies for easy discoverability.

Governance & StandardsDrive Consistency

Apply governance and standards to your APIs, Services, and Events, and promote for reuse.

Discover & ReuseReusable Assets

Search and discover reusable, bundle-ready building blocks to reuse as is, extend & modify, or bundle into new products.

Analyze & reportStrategic Prioritization

View your organization’s coverage and gaps to prioritize and make strategic business decisions.

LineageUnderstand Inter-relationships

View lineage to understand who is using what and how.

Report & analyzeComprehensive Reports

Report your digital assets to your stakeholders and regulators.

Information model managementLeverage Information Models

Increase efficiency with information model management.

Extended API Lifecycle

Automate parts of the integration lifecycle to build APIs, Services, and Events at scale in a consistent, safe, and fast way.

Accelerated API Development

Rapidly deliver consistent, reusable, and compliant APIs, Services, and Events.

Enterprise Lifecycle Management

Manage the planning, designing, build, deploy, and iteration of APIs, Services, and Events at scale.

Collaborative Process

Support a collaborative lifecycle and bring in an expanded audience of business and IT users.

Launch API Products

Deploy or export API Product Bundles to power innovative offerings.

Scale Fast with An Extended API and Service Lifecycle

Integrate with upstream and downstream existing architecture for a faster time to market. This enables realization of a modern agile process that drives CI/CD, including a bi-directional integration for pipeline and runtime deployment with end-to-end status and metrics.

Role enablementCollaborative Lifecycle

Drive a collaborative lifecycle with business and IT actively involved.

Designs & specificationsIncrease Developer Productivity

Enable developers to focus on business and application logic rather than hand-crafting APIs, Services and Events.

Domain driven designTop-Down Development Support

Support top-down API and Service design and deployment -- supporting Domain Driven Design and Legacy Conversion.

Pass through DeploymentBottom-Up Development Support

Support bottom-up or pass through compliance and registration/deployment.

Normalize & classifyGoverned Assets and Artifacts

Align APIs, Services, and Events to your maturity model including governance, architecture pattern affinity, policy-based security, and inheritance of common services like logging, monitoring, and auditing.

Build new, reuse, extend, or bundleFast Coverage Growth

Grow your coverage of discoverable and reusable APIs, Services, and Events as you publish new ones to your catalog.

DeployGenerate and Deploy Runtime Artifacts

Leverage configurable output templates to export or deploy code, contracts, configuration, and documentation. Implement APIs, Services, and Events to any downstream target.

Lifecycle statesSynchronized System of Record

Track deployment history, Service audit history, endpoint management and mappings. Bi-directional integration with CI/CD and run for an accurate SOR.

ignite Platform Overview

Learn How ignite Supports an Evolution in Your API Strategy

Digital leaders are moving beyond developing a handful of public APIs to building out the thousands of internal and external bundle-ready building blocks their organization needs – with speed and scale.

Leverage The ignite Platform’s
Unique Features

Leverage ignite’s unique features and approach to achieve digital differentiation.

Unique Abstraction Technology

  • Manage multiple types of Service (APIs, Legacy, Events ++) in one place
  • Manage all Services as comprehensible Designs
  • Overlay rich metadata to capture complexity
  • Manage enterprise Services at scale
  • Get a low-code solution with high governance and security controls

Assisted Normalization for Bottom Up and Top Down Development

  • Allow rapid creation of consistent business and IT function building blocks for recombination
  • Maintain consistency in coding, data, governance compliance, and security policy adherence
  • Support individual enterprise’s standards and environments with a unique level of configurability

Extended Lifecycle Support

  • Provide support for multiple business and IT roles within the enterprise
  • Implement business and developer enablement
  • Avoid vendor lock-in and support multi-cloud
  • Manage enterprise Services at scale
  • Support multiple concurrent runtime environments

Get a Running Start

The ignite Platform is highly configurable
to support your enterprise’s needs.

Igniting Your Digital Transformation

ignite was developed to meet the highly specific needs of large enterprises.

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Be an industry leader through digital transformation with the ignite Platform.

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Effectively deliver your digital transformation initiatives with
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Maximize your APIs, and revolutionize your digital transformation with the ignite Platform.

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