Deliver Digital Differentiation

Simplify the system of your entire
portfolio of business and technical functions. Have them organized as bundle-ready building blocks that you can reuse for digital recombination.

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Unleash Your Digital Enterprise With The
ignite Platform

Enable collaborative innovation across the entire enterprise. Rapidly recombine your digital building blocks to drive competitive advantage.

Accelerate business and IT priorities, new revenue streams and growth, all while minimizing risk and technical debt.

holistic API catalog

Create a catalog of API, Service, and Event Designs that can be understood and reused by everyone across your enterprise.

Extended API Lifecycle

Extend to the whole enterprise and ecosystem at scale.

Why ignite

A Leading Platform Designed with Enterprises for Enterprises

Gain Competitive Advantage with Digital Recombination

Accelerate innovation and IT modernization. Gain advantage as you rapidly and innovatively recombine packaged business and technical capabilities.

Build a Holistic Catalog

  • Multiple types of Services supported (APIs, Legacy, Events, Batch, +++)
  • Enable cost savings and avoid technical debt through reuse

Ensure Consistency of Your Digital Assets

  • Rapid creation of consistent building blocks for recombination
  • Consistency in coding, data, governance, compliance, and security policy adherence

Capture and Manage Complexity

  • Mappings, orchestration, lineage, what’s in and out of compliance, upstream and downstream integrations
  • Enable faster velocity at scale

Transforming Enterprises with Our Unique Approach

Designed for how your business needs to be, and clearly understood by everyone: internal and external, business and IT.

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