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Why digitalML and the ignite Platform?

Our vision is unique in the market. It is designed to help large enterprises turn around their complex IT legacy and become as nimble as the Amazons of the world.

Often our customers can’t throw away what they have in favor of a code with an API model, but they can achieve the same flexibility with ignite’s approach to managing abstracted services (APIs, Microservices, legacy services). ignite distinctly manages these services as comprehensive designs, modularized so components can be combined into API products and abstracted from any particular technology or coding standard. From these designs, ignite generates execution code to your CI/CD environments, ensuring the runtime gateway is properly configured for self-service federation, speed, and control. In essence, customers use ignite to ensure plan, design, and build drive the runtime — not the other way around.”

digitalML cited in Forrester's API Design and Documentation Report

“One product is differentiated enough to be worthy of special note: digitalML’s ignite API Product Management Platform takes an expansive view of API design and documentation, providing the broadest set of features for business and technology collaboration around a core of design and documentation for APIs and API Products.”

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Looking for a Gartner Magic Quadrant?

In today’s market, there are multiple technologies approaching the disruption challenge from different angles, all touting “digital transformation”. The situation is confusing, to say the least (Gartner has eight Magic Quadrants* representing these overlapping technologies), but what is clear is that no single magic quadrant for your vision of the future.