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The Tried and Tested Approach to API Governance at Scale

Done right, self-service API governance can speed up, not slow down, development of high quality APIs


API Governance has re-emerged as a buzzword. Long thought of as a bottleneck to rapid API delivery, we’re now seeing a wider acceptance that governance is a key part of ensuring API quality, reliability (consumer experience), and reusability.

But API (and Service and Event) governance at scale, within a large enterprise, goes beyond an API style guide. In fact, a comprehensive API governance model is involved to ensure conformance to:

  • Industry standards
  • Coding standards
  • Data standards
  • Enterprise governance rules and patterns
  • Security policies

What’s more, governance must be performed in a way that it’s:

  • Reportable – what’s in and out of compliance and where
  • Configurable – can be applied to different API types in different ways, with defined approval (and exception) pathways, and flexible as best practices change over time
  • Applied across the lifecycle – from planning and designing APIs to build and run
  • Self-serviceable and automated – assisting normalization in a way developers don’t have to spend hours manually checking and manipulating code

Done right, governance can actually speed up development and delivery of great APIs, Services and Events.

Here at digitalML, we’ve been working with Fortune 500 companies on a truly enterprise-grade governance model as part of our ignite Platform. Join us for this upcoming webinar to learn the tried and tested tactics for enforcing self-service governance at speed and scale.

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