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Episode 3: Capture and Manage Complexity for Digital Success

Webinar: A Recipe to Manage Complexity

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Learn how to reduce redundancy and complexity, generate consumable interfaces to your CI/CD pipelines and gateways, reduce the number of integrations and dependencies, and contribute to a catalog of functionality represented as APIs (or Services, Events, Messages, and Bundles) to help you move from application centric to product centric.

We walk through the goal state of large enterprises and a hands-on recipe that will take you through:

  • Connect relationships of reference models to existing and to-be-developed APIs
  • Discover and reuse existing APIs and methods across domains
  • Quickly and consistently design and build new APIs (or update existing APIs and methods) following a governed lifecycle
  • Understand data model and lineage dependencies and opportunities
  • Support multiple roles including tens of thousands of developers, business analysts, and product owners


Collin Rafter

Collin Rafter

Solutions Consultant,

Ashley Schultz

Ashley Schultz

Customer Success Manager, digitalML


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