Episode 3: Capture and Manage Complexity for Digital Success - digitalML

Episode 3: Capture and Manage Complexity for Digital Success

Episode 3: Capture and Manage Complexity for Digital Success

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APIs enable digital, but here’s how to capture and manage the extensive complexity associated with an enterprise scale API program.

Large enterprises are trying to rapidly scale the number and types of APIs, Services, and Events in their portfolio, to power platforms, digital products and self-service capabilities.

But, as your portfolio grows, so does the digital complexity lurking “under the glass” – dependencies and inter-relationships between APIs, potential impacts to consumers as you evolve and iterate your APIs, and the need for comprehensive version management and extensive orchestration, mappings and transformations.

This can be a challenge to capture and manage, especially when you have:

  • Multiple groups and owners of the Systems of Record, Data and Rules that provide the digital functionality
  • Multiple roles and iterations involved in delivering and maintaining the APIs/events/services that expose the functionality

Download episode 3 of digitalML’s Becoming a Digital Enterprise webinar series to learn the recommended approach to de-mystifying API complexity at scale. In the session we’ll be covering:

  • Further aspects and pain points of digital complexity at scale
  • Industry examples of complexity in APIs
  • Best practices for lineage, mapping, versioning and change management
  • Practical demonstrations of how to capture and manage complexity using the ignite Platform


Collin Rafter

Presales Engineer, digitalML

Dick Brown

VP Product, digitalML

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