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Holistic API and Service Catalog

A single location to discover, reuse and manage

Large organizations are focusing on APIs and Services as part of their digital transformation plans. However, beyond greenfield API development, they already have a lot of existing digital assets but in multiple places. Traditional methods to cataloging and exposing these assets have proven ineffective since they don’t give to the whole organization visibility to discover reusable building blocks required to handle disruption.

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The ignite platform changes that. ignite allows you to import all of your relevant assets like APIs, Services, information models, provider models, taxonomies, and business glossariess to create a catalog of Designs that can be understood and reused by everyone across your enterprise. ignite’s Designs are associated with rich metadata, aligned to taxonomies, governance policies, and standards, and are organized as a set of digital building blocks to become: discoverable, reusable, standardized and compliant, and futureproof.

Learn how ignite’s Holistic API and Service Catalog is different from past approaches to cataloging

To become a modern adaptable business, you need a solution with easy discoverability of your assets, aligned to internal and industry standards.

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Holistic Catalog Benefits

Ability to discover, reuse and combine approved building blocks into new products

Alignment to a maturity model, governance, standards, patterns, and scoring

Bi-directional integration with approval and governance process and ability to support both top down and bottom up development so your service catalog stays in sync and reliable

Force multiplier on hard to find talent like developers and product owners

One Holistic Catalog - Fast Build and with Many Uses

Start by importing, organizing, and normalizing your existing APIs and Services to understand the maturity and completeness of your catalog coverage and gaps.

From there you can accurately determine things like what APIs and Services are compliant enough to be reused across your organization, what needs to have governance and standards applied, or what needs to be built new through ignite’s extended API and Service lifecycle.

  • Import existing or new APIs and Services with multiple types supported like WSDLs or OpenAPIs
  • Organize APIs and Services according to business taxonomies for easy discoverability
  • Apply governance and standards to your APIs and Services and promote for reuse
  • Search and discover reusable bundle-ready building blocks to either reuse as is, extend and modify, or bundle into new products
  • View your organization’s coverage and gaps to prioritize and make strategic business decisions
  • View lineage to understand who is using what and how
  • Report on your digital assets to stakeholders and regulators
  • Information model management

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