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    June 10, 2021

    Digital Recombination is Key For Enterprise InnovationRecently, digitalML’s CEO Jeremy Sindall and CRO John Bogard hosted the first webinar in our Becoming a Digital Enterprise Series: The Roadmap to Digital Recombination for Enterprises. We highly recommend listening to the webinar recording in full here, but have pulled some of the key insights from the session […]

    June 7, 2021

    Collaboration and enablement is critical for innovation and differentiation as a digital businessThere’s 11 other roles (internal and external) that want to interact with your API Developers: and that’s great news for your digital enterpriseIn a recent post, we discussed why collaborative innovation is the best form of innovation, and can help differentiate you as […]

    May 20, 2021

    APIs and API lifecycle management get a lot of attention, but what exactly is lifecycle management, and why is it so important for your enterprise?Why are APIs so important to the enterprise?APIs (application programming interfaces) are a hot topic, and now at the centre of almost all enterprises’ digital strategy. That’s because APIs (and microservices, […]

    May 7, 2021

    In this post, we detail a 3-step playbook for enabling innovation in the enterprise for digital market leadership:Digital recombinationIncremental innovationCollaborative innovationEnabling Innovation in the Enterprise – Rapid or Incremental, Collaborative and SafeIn the age of digital business, large enterprises have competition coming from all sides – other incumbents, disrupters/start-ups, and big tech. The dynamics of […]

    April 28, 2021

    In this post, we introduce digital recombination as the goal state of large enterprises for digital market leadership. We discuss why it’s so important to be able to rapidly and innovatively combine APIs, Services and Events, and how to get there.Large Enterprises are Striving to Become Nimble and Digitally Responsive – Digital Recombination is a […]

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