Business Capability APIs vs. Exposure APIs

Design is all about understanding and remembering the purpose of what you are building. A convertible is fun to drive, but pretty useless if you need to bring some lumber back from the store – a pickup would work better. Unsurprisingly, APIs are no different. Some APIs need to simply provide a more convenient way […]

The Adaptable Canonical Model

This post is for anyone who designs, models, produces, or consumes services (APIs, events, messages, etc.) at a large enterprise.   A Canonical Data Model and canonical schema is designed to define business entities in a standard manner, including the structure, attributes and data format. As a result, the models tend to be very large […]

Apply Domain-Driven Design to Your Canonical Model

This is part 2 of a series on adaptable canonical model management. In part one we discussed the two polaric states of a Canonical Data Model that we typically see in an enterprise setting; too much or not enough. Here, we’ll cover the ideal state and how our ignite platform provides many critical features to get there. A quick refresher: Domain-driven […]