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Enablement and Collaboration Across the Extended API Lifecycle

Learn how to enable multiple roles and activities throughout the lifecycle for compounded digital success


Collaboration is key to digital recombination and market leadership. The best innovation is collaborative innovation, where you’re drawing on expertise from different roles, groups, and LoBs to create best-of-breed consumer-centric products and services. Combined with self-service capabilities, readily available to bundle into new API products.

This collaboration flows down to the API, Service, and Events lifecycle (delivering the digital building blocks that power your products) – and role enablement is key. We’ve identified 12 role groupings that want to be enabled through an extended lifecycle. Each has their own priorities and activities, spanning business and IT and internal and external consumers:

– Business Executives

– Digital Product Owners

– Enterprise and Solution Architects

– Business Analysts

– API Product Managers

– AI/ML/Data

– API Designers

– API Product Managers

– Governance and Security, Regulatory and Audit

– Operations and Support

– Customers and Partners

– API Developers

This is fantastic news for the innovative enterprise – if done right you gain true business and IT alignment, and open up an innovation factory where everyone’s involved.

But enabling 12 roles in an API lifecycle that traditionally only focuses on developer enablement might seem daunting.

The digitalML API experts are here to help. Pre-register for this webinar now where you will learn:

  • How enablement and collaboration can be focused on at each stage of the extended API lifecycle:
    • Planning APIs, Services and Events
    • Designing APIs, Services and Events
    • Building APIs, Services and Events
    • Running and Monitoring APIs, Services and Events
  • Why extending the lifecycle beyond developers is such great news for an innovative enterprise
  • Best practices on how to drive enablement (including top-down and bottom-up role enablement), and how a unified platform like ignite can help


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