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Idea to Launch in 6 months – the new Enterprise KPI

Discover the roadmap to accelerated innovation through APIs and how to implement it in your enterprise


If you’re anything like our customers, you’re working to evolve as a digital business right now, as you know it’s the key to market leadership.

To deliver digital, enterprises are racing to launch (and iterate, evolve, and respond to) new:

  • Platforms
  • Digital Products
  • Self-service capabilities

It’s no surprise then, that IDC are predicting that by 2023, the global economy will finally reach “digital supremacy” with more than half of all GDP worldwide driven by products and services from digitally transformed enterprises.

Accelerated innovation is a key differentiator. Digital is an urgent need now for almost all of us. That’s why we’re seeing a new enterprise KPI of idea to launch in 6 months. So how can this accelerated innovation be achieved? And done so safely, conforming to your existing enterprise guard rails?

Pre-register interest for this upcoming webinar in our Digital Enterprise Series, where you will learn:

  • A recap on why high-quality APIs, Services and Events are vital for innovation
  • The detailed roadmap on how to reach the enterprise KPI of idea to launch in 6 months
  • Practical examples of each step demonstrated using the ignite platform

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