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Capture and Simplify Complexity for Digital Success: APIs at Enterprise Scale

APIs enable digital, but here’s how to simplify and leverage the extensive complexity lurking behind them

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Large enterprises are trying to rapidly scale the number and types of APIs, Services, and Events in their portfolio, to power platforms, digital products and self-service capabilities.

You may be trying to do this by hand-crafting APIs, but are now finding that this but this approach ignores the extensive digital complexity you have within your enterprise, and fails to capture it as a critical part of API management and lifecycle strategy.

Digital complexity is an innate part of being an established market leader. You’ve got a layer of complexity in everything that powers the frictionless and consumer-focused world of digital products and platforms – all the APIs, and all the complex IT systems, data and processes, relationships and dependencies that are below the elegant consumer experience.

And to manage digital complexity you have:

  • Multiple groups and owners of the Systems of Record, Data and Rules that provide the digital functionality
  • Multiple roles and iterations involved in delivering and maintaining the APIs/events/services that expose the functionality

This all generates a lot of backend host dependency, data refresh cycles, owner use approvals, and on-going enhancements to application code.

So how do you capture, simplify and leverage this complexity for digital success?

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