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Business-led APIs at Scale: Best Practices

Business value chain alignment for powering your digital products and services


APIs, Services, and Events are now widely accepted as a strategic business asset to enable differentiation in a competitive digital market. When aligned properly to business value chains, they encapsulate existing business and technical functions and can be used as self-service capabilities to be combined into consumer-centric products and services.

Effective business value chain alignment involves:

  • Existing APIs, Services and Events organized in a holistic catalog aligned to business and industry taxonomies
  • Proper planning and prioritization of APIs and API products based on capability gap analysis
  • Abstracted business views of APIs with extensive metadata capturing business logic and goals of the APIs
  • Business stakeholders including Product owners enabled and a collaborative part of the API lifecycle
  • New APIs and API products being fed back into the holistic catalog to expand and mature the portfolio
  • Effective reporting of what you have both now and in pipeline – coverage, expected vs actual KPIs, lineage and dependencies, compliance and completeness

We’ll be covering tactics for these best practices, along with others, in this upcoming webinar. We’ll also be demonstrating how the ignite platform can support API, Service and Event business value chain alignment.

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