Transforming Businesses for the Future – CNA Case Study

Using the ignite API Product Management Platform for business transformation – building business led APIs, doing M&A faster, gaining a holistic view of all aspects of the business – customers, providers, agents, and underwriters.

CNA has been a leading property and casualty insurance company since 1897 and has gone through a number of mergers and acquisitions. The result: a complex application landscape. CNA was looking to defragment and integrate many systems to be able to quickly create and launch new or modified insurance products tailored to their customer, agent, and underwriter needs.


      • Tightly coupled integrations
      • Legacy systems with data in multiple formats
      • No resusable real-time integrations
      • APIs slow to build with inconsistent control and governance without clear line of sight into the business strategy

DigitalML, with it's ignite API Product Management Platform, has carved out a niche in the marketplace with its intense focus on the plan and design phases of integration development, especially for large corporations that have very complex data systems and data sources that need to be integrated.

-Director Enterprise Architecture for Information Technology at CNA


CNA wanted to make it easy for individual teams to build APIs for business transformation, and also retain governance and control over what was being designed and how it was being designed. It needed a central repository of reusable assets that anyone could look at and search for existing artifacts before developing new ones to move faster.

The choice was to either go with a manual process and use tools such as notepad or XML spy, or to centralize on an API product management platform. CNA chose to centralize with the ignite API Product Management Platform.

Using ignite they are able to seamlessly integrate disparate data sources, quickly but also in a manner that is easily governed, does not add to the spaghetti, and is reusable. This is key for CNA’s business transformation initiative.

Using ignite

CNA has quickly come to realize that the value they can provide can be greatly enhanced if they have a unified view of the API/Service Portfolio in the enterprise. If they can understand them really well, then they can in turn adjust their products and services to suit the customer’s needs.

CNA uses ignite to bring data from various applications and disparate systems together in one place, which provides the company with a more holistic view of the API Portfolio supporting their customers, agents, partners, and underwriters.

“By using ignite, you free up time to strategically think and plan your APIs, and how they support the business, rather than details about physical implementation.”

On Business Transformation

CNA was facing a major transformation project when ignite was brought in. The first phase was breaking up a huge monolithic canonical model into specific domains, focusing on the domains where there were projects with immediate requirements.

Building APIs

Designed for business capabilities
Resources align to capabilities
APIs use resources
Generation of development artifacts

Speed to Market & Cost Savings

177 hours per API saved, an effort savings of 30% for new API creation (higher when factoring in reuse)


Better understand demand for cross-domain APIs
Hypermedia APIs
Resource first design
Increased mapping automation
Bet on data and design

You need a solid portfolio of services and APIs. This becomes the foundation for all the integration work that you're doing within your business... Any other system that interfaces with an agent or underwriter can reuse this core set of services and APIs just as easily to deploy new services and functionality for their own customers.

-AVP, Solutions & Architecture for Information Technology at CNA