Webinar Recording – Episode 3: Capture and Manage IT Complexity for Digital Success

August 24, 2021
Reading Time: < 1 minute

APIs enable digital, but as your API program matures, so does its complexity – here’s how to capture and manage that complexity to minimize technical debt.

Being digital in the enterprise means being reliant; reliant on internal and external providers of functionality, on back-ends that aren’t always built for nice front ends, on planned and unplanned changes.

But, as your catalog of APIs, Services, and Events grows to help deliver digital initiatives quickly, so does its complexity.

In this 30 minute webinar we discuss best practices on:

  • How to enrich your catalog and ensure it’s always in sync – and therefore properly unlocking data, logic, and functions that power your digital products and services
  • How to understand the impacts of changes to your APIs as you iterate and evolve over time
  • How are all your APIs interacting


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