Introducing ignite Version 7

ignite re-imagined to better support digital strategies

After almost two years in the making, we are excited to announce the dramatic re-imagining of the ignite Platform – ignite Version 7! Jeremy Sindall, digitalML’s CEO and founder, walks through the latest version of ignite, including brand new features and configuration capabilities to the ignite Platform, and how this uniquely supports your digital initiatives.  

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss how the rapid acceleration of

  • The move to digital
  • Migration to the Cloud
  • IT modernization

has created an increased need for APIs and Services at speed and scale, and for large enterprises to move to what we call API Strategy 2.0 with an expanded audience for your APIs too. A Holistic API and Service Catalog with Extended Lifecycle is key to this success, and in the webinar we demo how ignite version 7 can deliver consistent, governed, and reusable APIs, Services, and Product Bundles at speed and scale, that everyone can understand and use.