APIs as a Platform for Business Transformation with Forrester

Hosted by digitalML and Forrester
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Digital Transformation is the new normal

Almost all large organizations are pursuing digital transformation, but few are truly succeeding. Why? Because most often it’s viewed as a mishap of bolt-on business changes using some new digital tech rather than focusing on the underlying problems.

Instead, view digital transformation as entering into the reality that the future is virtually unpredictable. In this vision, you still need new tech, but even more you must be able to rapidly reconfigure your enterprise to create new business models, reach new markets, optimize processes, and delight customers. That means you need a business platform that makes your business capabilities readily available — as business APIs.

In this webinar recording, digitalML’s CEO Jeremy Sindall and guest speaker, Randy Heffner, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research discuss:

  • Why platform business is the best foundation for sustainable transformation
  • Best practices for designing, building, and evolving a business platform
  • The value of a holistic and abstracted catalog of APIs and Services
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