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ignite 6.0.2

Reading Time: 1 minuteThe latest ignite release introduces enhancements that make it even easier to view your API catalog, identify what business areas are well supported by APIs and which ones have gaps, and easily classify your APIs making it even easier to discover them for reuse. 

It also includes new features for better management of API Products that support all your digital products and customer journey touch-points. You can now assign a flow to your API Products as well as create, manage and assign “profiles” for API Products. 

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Powerful high-level views of your portfolio show you what you have, what you don’t, what you need, what you can build, and what you need for building. 

  • Business Capability View – Color coded with the total number of APIs within each business capability 
  • Heatmap Portfolio View – APIs are grouped by specific business capability for easier discoverability and reuse 
  • Drill down into each category to find specific APIs. Each tile is color coded based on the number of APIs in each business capability 

Taxonomy views can have many layers, depending on your business requirements. 

ignite allows you to drill down into each layer and view all API’s grouped by explicit business capability.

By choosing to Browse Services you will be taken directly to a list of APIs

When selecting an API from the Browse View, you’ll be taken to a Summary Page that displays the complete details for each API including how discoverable, secure, documented, and runtime ready it is.

The API Product Flow interface has been updated to include a GUI, where users can add connections dynamically, re-arrange the content, zoom, and scroll

User Activity Summary dashboards have been created to see how active your ignite instance is

If you’re an ignite customer and would like to see the status of your cases, head to our customer portal.

*** Patch Release Notes can be found here.