digitalML Cited in Independent Research Firm’s API Design and Documentation Report as Providing “Broadest Set of Features for business and technology collaboration”

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digitalML has been mentioned in Forrester’s latest Report for Application Development and Delivery Professionals. The report, “Create Great API Designs and Documentation with Integration Across the API Lifecycle” by Randy Heffner, states that “API design is the fulcrum that determines how much value an API strategy creates.” We believe this recognition confirms digitalML’s vision of the design-first lifecycle as critical component to a successful API strategy, which they unlock with their robust product offering, the ignite API Product Management Platform.

“One product is differentiated enough to be worthy of a special note: digitalML’s ignite API Product Management Platform takes an expansive view of API design and documentation, providing the broadest set of features for business and technology collaboration around a core of design and documentation for APIs and API Products,” writes Randy Heffner, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester in the report.

The report details the important and critical requirements organizations must have in order to achieve “effective, collaborative API design and documentation processes at scale,” and provides a list of sample vendors and products with API design and documentation features. Forrester describes ignite’s major and unique features to include: lifecycle and design completeness tracking, tagging and categorization, versioning, issue tracking, design decision tracking, API portfolio management, API product design, business planning for APIs, and prebuilt integration with API gateways and API management solutions.

“Amidst a tumultuous digital landscape plagued with hype, we have carved out a steadfast path in tailoring tactical solutions specific to each customer. That Forrester took note of our broad suite of features is, in our opinion, a testament to the work we’ve done,” says Jeremy Sindall, CEO at digitalML. “In addition to leveraging our own experience, we’ve worked closely with our customers, listening carefully to their needs to build the market’s most robust lifecycle API Product Management Platform. As Forrester’s recent report states, we offer a uniquely differentiated solution, which, by our standards is not only in application delivery and development, but also in the execution of a strong and effective API strategy, flexible for the diverse needs of any organization.”

Download Forrester’s “Create Great API Designs and Documentation with Integration Across the API Lifecycle”

Customer Momentum

“ACI has chosen Ignite for API & Service modeling aspects. Our experience has been very positive. The DigitalML team is very professional, understands the customer needs and context. They have provided timely solutions to almost all of our ask,” says Ajmal Syed, Chief Architect at ACI Worldwide. Syed adds, “If (a) company is serious about APIs and Services – it makes 200% sense in investing in a tool that makes life easy. Ignite is the most compelling capability that is available in the market place.”

“DigitalML chose to come at API Management from the Design side. Others have come at it from the runtime. While digitalML is adding features rapidly to their runtime capabilities, consider what is more important to you to begin with – the proper design, flexibility, data lineage OR runtime criteria such as lookup, metrics etc.” says the AVP of Enterprise Architecture Services and leading financial institution. He adds, “API Management, if done properly, spreads like wildfire inside an organization.”

About digitalML

digitalML helps the world’s largest companies become digital leaders. We hold a unique perch in the enterprise software space, offering the most comprehensive API Product Management Platform on the market. Our best-of-breed technology is known to our customers as the ignite platform.

About ignite

ignite is the only API Product Management platform supporting all of the stages of the API lifecycle – Plan, Design, Build, and Run. By building an API Portfolio in ignite, ideas move quickly from ideation to execution complete with meticulous documentation, governance, automated code generation from domain-driven design, powerful dashboard views, and professional support along every step of the way.