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Design & Build an API in 5 Steps

Reading Time: < 1 minuteWith the design a new API accelerator, you can design an API in just 5 steps which can be completely customized to your own organization’s needs and objectives. Even though it takes just minutes to design and build a new API, because you’re pulling resources and methods from your Information Model and attaching it to business capabilities, it’s consistent, governed and easy to understand.

Design a new Capability API

Create new services from the top down or enhance and version existing services. Whether they are RESTful services, SOAP services or Messages. Resources will be selected directly from the published model for consistency and in a language everyone can understand. 

Attach to a business capability 

Classification of the APIs will allow for easier portfolio management and governance. 

Select Resources directly from the published Information Model

This eliminates room for human error as well as insures consistency in designing multiple APIs by more than one person. The data comes directly from the model. 

Select Resource Methods 

One or many API methods can be selected depending on the API design requirements. 

Select API Security 

This can be customized to your organization’s security preferences and compliance standards.

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