Innovation with API Products

Digital Opportunities Through API Products

Across industries, organizations are making moves to deliver on digital transformation. Business has become increasingly more tech-savvy with a long list of ideas that IT must be able to execute, and quickly.  

To meet the challenge, you’ll need a lot of APIs managed in one platform. ignite provides powerful views of all your APIs (including imported Third Party APIs), in one place. From these views, you can easily combine existing APIs to create API Products, so you’re getting speed and support for the digital experiences that make up your customer journey.  

By slashing the digital product development timeline, rapidly converting your long list of ideas into market testable products, and quickly identifying the winners, ignite helps organizations scale quickly to gain first mover advantage. To see how, watch the video below.  

The End-to-End Story Behind Digital Success

Imagine a Life Insurance company looking to win market share by offering a partial rebate on policies for customers who sign up to a Health and Wellness program, which will be monitored by their Fitbit devices.  

This video shows how quickly this can be brought to market in ignite. You’ll see how ignite frees up developers to build better applications for the company, so customers are interacting every day rather than once a year. But more importantly, you’ll see how every role in the enterprise collaborates with our game-changing platform to execute on a winning API strategy that pushes their company to digital success.