API Product Management for IT Modernization

IT Modernization

In the modern enterprise, it is essential to expose your core business functions – to allow key data, logic, and processes to flow across your organization in a standardized and visible way. Why? To accelerate innovation, speed time to market, and drive scalability for internal use across Lines of Business and external integration with third parties. The only way to achieve this is by creating a portfolio of building block APIs and microservices out of the assets that brought you this far. Once you reach the pure digital state, you hold the key to IT Modernization. And with it, you unlock a successful collaboration of Business and IT across the full API lifecycle. 

As the market continues to evolve and new technologies are implemented, your organization needs to be nimble. You must be able to deliver new experiences to market quickly while addressing the proper governance, control, and data lineage of a world class institution. We help you get there.

The ignite scaling platform:

Enables IT to keep up with business requirements
Exposes internal and external APIs quickly to expand your offering
Spurs 10x faster time to market with extensive cost containment

Secrets to Effective API Product Management

How to build and API Portfolio and Plan, Design, Build, Run APIs fast, while governed and aligned to business strategy

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Turn Legacy Into an Asset – Import, Filter and Define Your Existing Assets

Our ignite platform is unique in that it allows you to plug in your existing “stuff” (everything from sections of your digital products down to your services, spreadsheets, and stakeholder systems) into a searchable, discoverable, collaborative repository for quick and easy reuse. After all, you built your empire on these proven products and systems.

Design-Time Governance

Build and reuse common resources for API design, based on business-driven domain information models (or use one from our included industry pack, if you’re in a hurry). Get everyone in your company or within a business domain on the same page and using the same resources while you define domain ownership of your API Products and Resource Methods. Now every API and microservice is aligned to the proper business function. This way, business ideas are turned into delivered projects, digital products, and accomplished goals.

Better APIs with Visibility Across the Enterprise

Build a gold quality portfolio of APIs, services and events while delivering speed and maintaining visibility & governance. Gain design visibility across agile teams, leverage each other’s efforts, maximize reuse, and achieve API goals at a faster speed (we’re talking hours not weeks or months).
Move faster.
Data lineage.

Modernizing Infrastructure and Moving to the Cloud

Start tackling technical debt, untangle the spaghetti, facilitate core system replacement and lower integration cost.