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Integrating with your Runtime

Enterprises support distributed runtime environments and ignite integrates with them, focusing on the Plan, Design, and Build stages.

Design how your business needs to be - not how it is now. Abstract business and technical functions into designs, generate APIs and services to support these functions, and implement them for platform specific needs or environments, and widen the audience for APIs to all those involved in the digital business.

Here’s what ignite adds:

1. A holistic and abstracted API and Service Catalog used by IT and Product:

  • Single source of truth for all your building blocks (API Products, business capability APIs, system services, 3rd party services, operations/methods, resources)
    • Easy to find + reuse
    • Easy to understand + opens a wider audience beyond just developers
    • Easy reporting for regulatory, compliance, maturity calculation + management
  • APIs and services scored against a maturity model, aligned to a taxonomy, and managed as designs, not as code in SCM or code in runtime platforms
    • No vendor or coding standards lock in
    • Import, abstract, rationalize services across application landscapes with end-to-end lineage

2. Full-lifecycle framework with built-in governance - managed between ignite, pipeline, and your distributed runtimes of choice:

  • • Ensures that as your catalog of APIs and microservices expand it does so in a properly governed way that avoids creating a new level of technical debt
    • o Built-in governance, standards and patterns through of the entire lifecycle with integration between Domain Driven Design and Product output, to Plan, Design and Build to CI/CD pipelines and distributed runtime environments
    • Cost savings through automation, reuse, and deskilling
    • Faster time to market

3. Enterprises quickly get to a level of digital maturity – bundle ready building blocks and an integrated framework in support of:

  • Product Bundles used by new digital offerings, internal consumers, and changing market opportunities
  • Move from monolithic to micro as part of IT modernization
    • Faster and safer move to cloud
    • Reduction of technical debt
    • IT and support cost savings

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