Domain-Driven Information Models Unlock the Ability to Rapidly Scale Your APIs Across Your Business Functions

Embedding model adoption into accelerated API development.

Modern API development must align with the business to scale. Though canonical is rarely synonymous with flexible, we find Domain-Based Information Models are just that; by linking context mapping to the right business capabilities, APIs can be reused, abstracted, and extended at the needed granularity.

Agile development: Reducing friction with adaptable model management.

Agile development calls for flexibility. Because the model is being used, it’s easier for Agile teams to make discoveries, and the information architect, a useful ally to good governance, can make fixes in real time. ignite lets developers drag and drop from a live federated model rather than recreate resource methods.

Domain-based information models to support modern API development.

ignite removes the uncertainty around business requirements for API Developers by presenting the exact components needed. They can simply combine building blocks needed, publish the templates, and paste the code snippets to watch their applications spring to life.

Information Architect Demo

To show the information architect’s role in ignite, this demo highlights a segment of the full end-to-end lifecycle, using a “Healthy Lifestyle” API Product as example. 

 View to learn how ignite support the usage of your domain-based information models with global information context mapping, resulting in: 

  • Globally consistent, reusable resource methods so all APIs are designed in the language of the business. 
  • Speed through reuse and consistency, granularity, end-to-end lineage, self-serviceability, and baked-in governance. 

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    Product Views

    Model Organizer 

    Under the simple veneer of the Organizer modelling component, both the enterprise and its domains can manage their own models. These domain-based models use context maps based on business terminology. 

    Supporting Agile Development 

    ignite has the flexible governance to support the Agile working environment while recognizing there are different ways of doing Agile. Integrates with your team planner (e.g. Jira). 

    The Customizable 5-Step API 

    After innovating in the Browse View, ensure speed and governance with the Design Accelerator, customizable for any role to build error-free API Products that meet compliance and data standards. 

    Searchable, Holistic Repository 

    Everything is mapped to the Business Glossary in the Payload view so your global teams have search access to what’s been built and what needs to be built. 

    Completion Guides 

    Our Completion Guides ensure every area gets the greenlight before the service is built. But beyond simply reporting the problem, it also points you to an accelerator which will allow you to make the right fix. ED: Making sure your APIs are attached to business capabilities.  


    Customizable accelerators capture all the right data fields are baked into every API Design. 

    Import existing services, mappings, and data into your ignite API Catalog, or simply use our industry-based foundation packs. 

    ACI uses ignite for global mappings that maintain the flexibility to offer local solutions for 

    Leverage the legacy by importing and classifying existing services, mappings, and data-at-rest. 

    For rapid set-up, our Foundation Packs provide a pre-loaded API Catalog of sample APIs and models by industry. 

    Our solution to API/data management, including Foundation Packs, custom accelerators,  and the Fast Track program. 

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