ignite for the entire API Product Management lifecycle
Give business and product owners a holistic view of all of your existing and in-flight APIs, and allow business and IT to collaborate and manage the intake and prioritization of new innovative ideas and projects.
  • Business & Service & Stakeholder portfolio view
  • Search, discover, innovate 
  • Prioritize & collaborate
  • API Product Management 
  • Expected vs. Actual KPIs
(Analyst+ & Organizer) 
Design and expose your portfolio of common microservice building blocks, with consistent resources from data and taxonomy models, standardized API definitions and system of record mapping, and change management with lineage and impact analysis.
  • Common microservice building blocks
  • Consistent resources from data & taxonomy model 
  • Speed with control 
  • Change management, impact analysis & lineage
  • Import and align existing web services and APIs
  • Standardized design artifacts ready for development to plug into
(Developer+ & Base)
Auto-generate contracts, code, mappings between layers and transaction, and test conditions so developers can easily assemble repeatable, predictable and rapidly scalable API products, then plug specific functionalities into the back-end as needed. This frees up IT minds to focus on business logic, implementation, user experience, back-end connections and all the big-brain thinking that optimizes their skill sets.
  • Consistency, reuse, alignment 
  • Contracts – REST, SOAP, Event 
  • Code, test conditions, transformation, documentation
  • Developers freed up for business logic 
API Products planned, designed, and built in ignite are ready to be delivered to run, extending consistency, lineage and speed to production and execution. Once in run, ignite provides a window on actual KPIs and ROI, letting the business know how API Products are actually performing in the market and providing accurate investment decisions.
  • Vendor agnostic - will adapt to what you acquire next
  • Integrate with API management 
  • Integrate with work management
  • Dev Ops dashboard
  • ESB integration
  • SCM integration