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the ignite Platform

A holistic catalog of APIs and Services with extended lifecycle management

Digital transformation leaders are the ones able to respond to transforming business models and digital opportunities - fast. To do this, they’re designing and making available bundle-ready business and technical functions representing APIs and Services that are clearly understood by the whole organization, not just developers, and are aligned to business needs.

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To accelerate responsiveness while being able to respond to increasing regulatory and technology compliance requests, the ignite Platform offers a holistic catalog with extended lifecycle that accelerates the maturity of an API strategy and fills a gap large enterprises have.

ignite helps provide scale and a consistent way of developing the needed APIs and Services that unlock value from data and create synergies with internal and external partners. The platform enables faster and cheaper de-coupling of large monolithic into microservices and APIs to develop new digitally native services more quickly, and creates a force-multiplier platform for ever combining capabilities and hard to find developer and product owner talent as they design, develop, manage and secure bundle-ready building block APIs and Services.

The ignite Platform offers

Holistic Catalog of APIs and Services surrounded by rich metadata, aligned to taxonomies and business classifications, and validated against API governance and standards

Extended API and Service Lifecycle focused on plan, design and build, integrating to CI/CD pipelines and runtime platforms

A consistent way to deliver APIs and Services at scale

No other platform supports many roles within the enterprise, replaces manual processes, becomes a force multiplier for hard to find talent and ever combining capabilities, and increases the value of existing solutions like CI/CD pipelines and gateways, while providing future flexibility.

Learn how ignite supports an evolution in your API strategy

Digital leaders are moving beyond developing a handful of public APIs to building out the thousands of internal and external bundle-ready building blocks their organization needs – with speed and scale.

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Getting started with ignite

Build your Holistic API and Service Catalog

  • Import, organize, and normalize your existing APIs, Services, Business Capability Taxonomies, Business Glossaries, Information Models, Provider Models, and more
  • View coverage and maturity of your catalog at different levels (abstracted Design, technical Specification, (SOAP, REST, etc.) code) and tailored for the different roles within the enterprise
  • Prioritize your enterprise’s API and Services gaps with alignment to business value chain, domain driven design and business priority backlog

All Services (greenfield and brownfield, RESTful APIs, Microservices, SOAP Web Services, Events, and Data-in Motion) are now organized and aligned to taxonomies and maturity models (governance, patterns, standards), making them available for discovery promoting reuse and reducing duplication. Your enterprise now has a complete view of the API and Service portfolio, what is in and out of compliancy, what is needed to address issues, and who owns and consumes each Service.

Define your current and target state API and Service Lifecycle

  • Define lifecycle states through the plan, design, and build lifecycle so providers can support multiple versions and many consumers
  • Define governance and completeness and maturity scores with approval and deployment process
  • Maturity model alignment including service governance, architecture pattern affinity, policy based security, inheritance of common services like logging, monitoring, and auditing

The extended API and Service Lifecycle, with focus on plan, design, and build supports a top-down domain driven design, business capability, and product ownership approach, with a collaborative lifecycle and brings in an expanded audience.

Integrate with upstream and downstream systems like CI/CD and gateway

  • Support for town-down API and Service design and deployment supporting Domain Driven Design and legacy conversion
  • Support for bottom-up or pass through compliance and registration/deployment
  • View usage and catalog reporting

Support bottom-up development, allowing developers to build APIs in their preferred environment, import and validate against standards, governance, and compliance rules and quickly make adjustments to generate approved artifacts for deployment to CI/CD and gateways.

The ignite platform provides your enterprise with a consistent way to deliver APIs and Services at scale so you can:


  • Create new product bundles of approved APIs and Services to support your pipeline of innovative ideas
  • Partnerships
  • New revenue opportunities
  • Regional responsiveness

And Modernize

  • Mono to micro
  • SOAP to REST
  • Core system replacement
  • Move to the cloud
  • Future flexibility on environments
  • Fix technical debt (and not create more)

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