2017 ignite User Conference

OCTOBER 16—17, 2017

Convene Conference Center - 101 Park Ave, New York, NY 10178

Over the last year there has been tremendous change in the API market space. This event is designed to bring attendees up to speed with new trends, strategies, and best practices as well as form a network with your peers that can continue to keep pace and even lead some of these advances in the API lifecycle space.

During the two day ignite API Product Management User Conference you’ll here about current and future API product strategy, a roadmap for ignite, as well as share best practices and experiences among the ignite user community who are different stages of rollout. Join us to hear how large enterprises like Anthem, CNA, and Walmart are using ignite to transform their organizations by building and leveraging a business led API Portfolio. 


2017 Themes

“From Canonical Models to domain based information models with context maps.”

Use of large enterprise Canonical Models are regarded as an inhibitor to agility and the trend is today towards use of flatter domain based models in a bounded context. Context maps, though use of business glossaries, are also key to this new paradigm. digitalML have built foundation packs for Insurance, Healthcare, Banking and Retail that include everything you need to get started with this new approach. The conference will show case these and provide insight to the differences of this new modelling paradigm.

“Import, organize and leverage your existing API assets to FastTrack IT modernization and digital”

The journey to leveraging a portfolio of microservices (or the more practical alternative “Miniservices”) to build and manage API products is not as long as difficult as many imagine. Many of the Miniservices already exist in your enterprise but are hidden. Anthem have been working in 2017 with digitalML to leverage automation tools in ignite to accelerate the growth of their API portfolio by extracting Miniservices from their existing assets. They will share their journey and best practices in this field.

“Monetizing is much more than charging for API calls” – Gartner

The first wave of API Management was heavily focused on exposing a few Public APIs and waiting for people to subscribe. The next wave is building and leveraging a portfolio of microservices (or the more practical alternative “Miniservices”)which can be combined together to create new API products which, in turn, underpin innovative new digital revenue sources. This session will work though some real-life examples of API’s that are enabling $100’s of millions of dollars of incremental revenue. There will be a panel of customers who will share their experiences and best practices.

“Bringing business planners and IT implementers together to Plan Design Build and Run your API product Portfolio”

API’s are key to IT modernization and successful digital strategies. But to realize success, organizations must learn to enable collaboration between business and IT. This session will explain the pitfall to be avoided and illustrate where this has been successful and what that success look like. Anthem Healthcare will lead the debate on best practices and share experiences.

“API Runtime Management – is open source a credible alternative to costly commercial offerings?”

Over the last few years open source runtime API Management and gateway offerings have matured. This combined with advances in containerization has meant there is a credible alternative to expensive commercial runtime offerings. Ignite runtime was launched with ignte 6. With this DigitalML offer a managed runtime service based entirely on open source offerings to complement the existing SaaS offering for Design time. This session will explore this area and show case the power of this runtime offering.  The customer panel will include findings form ignite customers who have been exploring this option

“The need to keep communicating internally when rolling out API Product Management”

DigitalML have invested heavily during the past year in an expanded Marketing team. One core remit of the team is to help ignite champions in their organizations, communicate the rationale for adoption and success stories.  In this session, the DigitalML marketing team will show you how to access the wealth of collaterals recently produced that are tailored to the different interests of the different roles in your organizations. They are also available as a resource for you to create and distribute success stories internally within your organization and they will show case some recent examples.


Convene Conference Center

101 Park Avenue, New York, NY

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