2017 ignite User Conference

OCTOBER 16—17, 2017

New York City


Over the last year, the API economy has brought tremendous change. This event is designed to bring attendees up to speed with new API trends, strategies, and best practices, as well as to build a network of peers that will set the pace and even lead advances in the API lifecycle space.

During the two-day ignite API Product Management User Conference, attendees can expect to hear about current and future API product strategy, get a peek at the ignite roadmap, and share best practices and experiences among the ignite user community who are all at different stages of rollout. Join us to see how large enterprises like Anthem, Citi, ACI Universal Payments, Walmart, and CNA are using ignite to transform their organizations by building and leveraging a business-led API Portfolio.



Greg Osborn Director, Enterprise Services and Architecture Solutions

Business Driven API Product Management in Healthcare

Anthem are now several years down the road of their API Product Management Strategy, having rolled out ignite. Greg Osborn has been leading this strategy and will lead a group discussion by sharing Anthem’s experiences so far, along with how they are working towards leveraging their investments in their API portfolio to include business leadership to rapidly support the key strategic initiatives within Anthem.

Ajmal Syed Chief Architect

API Monetization

ACI Universal Payments currently manage $15 trillion dollars a day. The payments market is a space undergoing rapid disruption and a successful API Product Management is critical to success. This session will focus on some examples of the real financial value of API’s that goes well beyond the first wave API Management expectations of exposing a few public API’s in the hope people will subscribe.

Scott Heckel SVP, Service Catalog Product Owner

From Kick Off to API Product Management in 6 Months

Citi have recently been through the ignite onboarding process and are now in the
process of a global rollout of their API Product Management Strategy. Being a global
leader in Banking today necessitates strong compliance with regulators whilst being
able to innovate to meet the impending opportunity of digital disruption in the fintech space. Scott Heckel will lead this group discussion with a presentation of Citi’s journey and vision.

Lead Architect

Designing an API Portfolio for Success in Insurance

Registration, Breakfast and Coffee

8:30 AM

From API Management to API Product Management

9:30 AM

ignite Demonstration - Turning Digital Innovation Into Reality

10:50 AM

Lunch and Networking

12:30 PM

Business Driven API Product Management in Healthcare

1:30 PM

API Monetization

3:30 PM

Cocktails, Canapes, & Networking

5 PM

Breakfast and Coffee

8:30 AM

The Journey to API Product Management

9:30 AM

From Kick Off to API Product Management in 6 Months

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11:15 AM

Designing an API Portfolio for Success In Insurance

11:45 AM

Lunch & Networking

1 PM

API Runtime Management Choices & Directions

2 PM

ignite6 Capabilities & Future Roadmap

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Convene Conference Center

101 Park Avenue, New York, NY

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