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Extended API and Service Lifecycle

Scale your APIs fast and safe

It’s clear large organizations need APIs and Services in order to launch innovative products, enter new digital ecosystems, comply with regulation, and build successful partnerships. But by focusing on only the developer-centric parts of the API and Service lifecycle, it’s hard to move fast, align to business requirements, and involve your whole organization in the process.

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The ignite Platform allows your organization to automate and deskill parts of the API and Service lifecycle, creating critical APIs at scale in a consistent, safe, and faster way with baked-in governance and standards. ignite helps digital leaders build out their holistic catalog of thousands of API building blocks representing their business and IT capabilities, allowing them to respond to transforming business models and digital opportunities, fast and safely.

Learn how an extended API lifecycle helps large enterprises create the thousands of APIs and Services they need for faster, safer innovation and quicker, flexible modernization

Leaders are implementing an extended lifecycle that emphasizes the plan, design, and build stages in order to deliver consistent, reusable, and compliant APIs and Services at scale.

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Extended Lifecycle Benefits

Leaders are implementing ignite to add to their lifecycle the plan, design, and build stages in order to deliver consistent, reusable, and compliant APIs and Services. This approach provides large organizations the visibility and business focus on the plan, design, and development and ownership of APIs, while automates manual development tasks like governance, and repetitive, error-prone development activities.

Extended Lifecycle Benefits

ignite’s lifecycle ensures high quality APIs can be designed from scratch or from legacy services, aligned to enterprise standards and combined into consumable products.

Extended Lifecycle Benefits

The extended API and Service Lifecycle supports a top-down domain driven design, business capability, and product ownership approach, with a collaborative lifecycle and brings in an expanded audience. This also supports bottom-up development, allowing developers to build APIs in their preferred environment, import and validate against standards, governance, and compliance rules and quickly make adjustments to generate approved artifacts.

How An Extended API and Service Lifecycle Fits

  • Integrates with upstream and downstream existing architecture for a faster time to market and the realization of a modern agile process that drives CI/CD, including a bi-directional integration for pipeline and runtime deployment with end-to-end status and metrics.
  • Deskills parts of the service lifecycle in support of hard to find developer talent
  • Enables developers so they can focus on business and application logic rather than hand-crafting APIs and Services
  • Supports top-down API and Service design and deployment supporting Domain Driven Design and Legacy Conversion
  • Supports bottom-up or pass through compliance and registration/deployment
  • Aligns APIs and Services to your maturity model including governance, architecture pattern affinity, policy-based security, and inheritance of common services like logging, monitoring, and auditing
  • Publishes back into your Holistic Catalog of APIs and Services to grow your coverage of discoverable and reusable APIs and Services among your portfolio audience including business roles, executives, and product owners

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