Innovation with API Products

Digital Opportunities Through API Products

Across industries, organizations are moving towards delivering on digital transformation. Business has become increasingly more tech savvy with a long list of ideas that IT must be able to deliver on, quickly. By building an API catalog, innovating becomes a matter of selecting APIs and pushing out new experiences to market quickly, then scaling out the winners. 

Say you want to launch a new experience for your customers as part of a loyalty program. If a customer begins using their FitBit and hitting certain milestones, you will send them a payment rebate. With ignite this becomes as easy as selecting internal API building blocks attached to business capabilities like policy and party, with external APIs like FitBit. These API methods can be added to a wish list where a new API product can be proposed triggering new activities like the building of APIs needed such as “Send Payment Rebate”. APIs are built from the same common information model with baked in governance and security. That’s innovation with speed and governance.

Innovation and Prioritization

API Products are key to digital transformation and innovative digital experiences. The best ones are created through a collaboration between business and IT. 

ignite’s API Products are included in the portal to clearly demonstrate how APIs are used together to provide customers Digital Product experiences, showing what already exists, what is planned and provide inspiration for new Digital Product ideas.