Fast Track enables you to rapidly get up and running to develop and deploy repeatable, predictable and rapidly scalable API products.
Strategic Alignment Program
IT and business should work like gears, meeting, meshing and driving progress. Our Strategic Alignment Program shifts IT and business into high gear by enabling your teams to plan, design, build and run world-class API products.
The digitalML Strategic Alignment Program
Ensures that business knows what IT is talking about and IT knows what business wants.
  • Translates ideas into real work pipelines.
  • Helps you meet critical timescales.
  • Develops efficient and transparent workstreams.
  • Aligns the right people with the right processes and technology to propel your digital strategy.
How we do it:
We reach across boundaries and break down silos to connect people in strategic partnerships, working toward common goals.
We identify the ways that entrenched business and IT processes fail to connect, and we find ways to connect them.
We help all your departments understand the benefits of using APIs as connected platforms to scale their efforts across lines of business or international regions.
The digitalML Quick Win Program
Initiates a culture of success by ferreting out existing services and building new operational APIs from Day One.
  • We discover, organize and clearly identify API assets to create a clear view of business needs and existing API products.
  • We build repeatable building blocks with Ignite that developers can adapt quickly by adding extensions.
  • ignite features automatic code generation, saving developers weeks of code writing.
  • We integrate your legacy APIs into the ignite flow, and in doing so... we turn pools of stagnant, archived data into streams of data-in-motion, creating opportunities for insights and end-to-end experiences.
Quick Wins
You already have winning assets and valuable data buried in the mess of wire and maze of code that piled up as your digital presence emerged. But only a few of them are predictable, repeatable and scalable.
Digital Market Leadership Program
Custom Accelerators
Enterprise Workshops
Success Communications
Thought Leadership
…to speed your journey to digital
Once IT has a clear view of its API product potential, bringing business to the same page accelerates growth in many ways