Unlocking Alignment with API Product Management: The Enterprise Architect Holds the Key.

Through governance, speed & innovation.

Innovation at speed needs governance to avoid disasters. Despite the common belief that it slows progress, ignite customers find that by doing governance right, you can unlock your speediest API launches to date.

Enabling collaboration between business and IT.

The self-serviceable API Catalog aligns BiModal Business and IT teams by providing visibility on their holistic assets. Business-led APIs are organized from the outside-in, by the business capabilities they support. This paves the way for clear priorities, engaged Lines of Business, and mass enterprise adoption.

Design-led API strategy.

ignite’s unique focus on design means every API in your API Catalog stays tied to your Domain-Based Information Models. It also means every API is overlaid with a rich set of metadata, including SLAs and NFRs. By mapping these services to the same definition and eliminating any manual creation of APIs, you’re unlocking API reusability and global, holistic visibility.

Enterprise Architect Demo

To show how EAs use ignite, this demo highlights a segment of the full end-to-end lifecycle, using a “Healthy Lifestyle” API Product as example.

View to see more detail of how ignite’s focus on API Design supports a governed BiModal alignment between Business and IT, including how:

  • The richness of the API metadata is maintained to ensure everyone understands the API at all levels.
  • Governance is easily ensured thanks to Completion Guides with Custom Accelerators that ensure speed and consistency.

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      Product Views

      Comprehensive Lifecycle

      ignite focuses on the entire API Product Lifecycle (Plan, Design, Build, and Run) while recognizing it’s not a linear process – but rather a free-flowing BiModal collaboration between Business and IT.

      Business Capability Tile View

      The Business Capability Tile view allows you to see how many APIs are currently present in each domain, who owns them, and how they’re being used. You can also see which products are currently being supported by them.

      Customizable Accelerators for Baked-in Governance

      After innovating in the Browse View, ensure speed and governance with Custom Accelerators. For example, “Import and Classify” and “6-Step API Designer” simplify tasks for the quick build of error-free API Products that meet compliance and data standards.

      Self-Serviceable API Catalog

      This searchable, holistic repository presents a simple interface so business and technical roles can easily innovate and Plan new APIs to support digital experiences. Expand any API to view domain mappings and other granular details.

      Completion Guides

      Completion Guides ensure every area of an API gets the greenlight before a service is built. Beyond reporting the problem, it also points you to an Accelerator that will allow you to make the right fix.


      Customizable accelerators capture all the right details (SLAs, NFRs) within API metadata early in Design. 

      A 5-series blog on “What’s in an API Catalog” and what our 4 industry foundation packs include. 

      For rapid set-up, our Foundation Packs provide a pre-loaded API Catalog of sample APIs and models by industry. 

      ignite aligns Business and IT with a self-serviceable, simplified Plan interface above greater complexities underneath. 

      Successful API Product Management means a Design-first lifecycle where much of the Build is automated, and bottlenecks are few. 

      Import existing services, mappings, and data into your ignite API Catalog, or simply use our industry-based foundation packs. 

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