Owning the Customer Journey: How to Innovate and Launch Fast

Your Self-Service Platform to Build Digital

You’re tasked with building the seamless experience — how much can you self-serve on realizing your own customer journeys? API Products managed in the ignite platform allow global digital business teams to begin facilitating their own products so that how fast?becomes now fast

Innovative Digital Experiences: "There's an API for That"

When your teams begin to wrap their heads around the fact that Customer Journeys are really a series of digital experiences backed by API Products, they’ll discover the benefit of having an innovation lab (API Catalog) right in their own backyard — an innovation lab already plugged into your business’s core capabilities. 

My Ideas -- What Can We Launch Right Away?

You’ve got a back log of customer journeys. Journeys that are powered by API Products can be brought to market more quickly. ignite catalogs all your APIs, allowing you to see which journeys can be realized easily and which ones will require more work.

Digital Teams Demo

To show the role of digital teams in ignite, this demo highlights a segment of the full end-to-end lifecycle, using a “Healthy Lifestyle” API Product as example.

Here we see how ignite offers a self-serviceable way to support customer journeys by browsing the API Catalog to combine existing API Products, Capability APIs, and Third Party APIs in innovative ways, as well as how to:

  • Expand an API to view the details in a business-friendly description. 
  • Propose a new API Product and add a business description for it. 
  • Describe the part of the customer journey each part should support.
  • Request an API be built if a gap is found along the workflow. 
  • Submit a proposal with the help of ignite’s custom accelerators. 

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        See how all roles within your organization can work collaboratively to Plan, Design, Build, and Run successful APIs.

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            Product Views

            Self-Service Channel for Market Testing

            With ignite’s self-serviceable API Catalog, you can search and discover what’s available across the enterprise, then combine existing building blocks in innovating ways, adding your proposed API Product to a Wishlist so API designers know the exact components you need.

            Browse View 

            The Browse View provides a high-level view of your global catalog divided into the three categories of API Products, building blocks, and third-party APIs. You can expand a service to get a more granular view of details that make up each API.

            Business Capability Tile View 

            The Business Capability Tile view allows you to see how many APIs are currently present in each domain, who owns them, and how they’re being used. You can also see which products are currently being supported by them.


            Watch to learn how easy it is to take an idea like a “Quick Claims” Digital Product from vision to execution – fast.

            A 4 part blog series on how different industries can utilize APIs to drive innovation and keep up with market changes.

            API Catalog Reporting: Will public companies be expected to report on their API Products?

            Give the business and product owners a holistic view of all your existing and in-flight APIs, allowing business and IT to collaborate and make investment decisions across domains. 

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