Driving Innovation in Banking

The Portfolio with Possibilities

The banking market is changing fast. As an incumbent, you became one of the biggest and best for a reason, but many find themselves getting “Minted” by fintech third parties while their hands are full managing the complications of big banking. You know the situation and you’ve probably got a great plan — now it’s time to execute, launch and build. But how to unlock your greatest potential? The key is an API Portfolio.

In the new economy, the need to diversify investment initiatives is more pressing than ever. The market is moving too fast and large enterprises have much to manage while being nimble and responsive. With an API Portfolio you can choose what to unlock, have the ability to launch fast , and readily plan for your next step in digital transformation — while fitting in to the plan and architecture you already have.

Having one holistic repository of all of your business capabilities as APIs, aligned to data in motion, paves the way for future innovation as the enterprise gains visibility of the portfolio across Lines of Business and regions. With ignite, you’re spurring reuse to build fast, internal exposure for operational efficiency, and third party innovation to become globally common and locally relevant.

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High-Yield by Design

Our most accomplished customers have a similar success strategy. They use our self-serviceable platform to ‘Plan’ and ‘Design’ from a core capability perspective, extending to regions or Lines of Business to be locally relevant. This design-first approach automates much of the “Build” phase with tech-agnostic code templates and artifacts, which are then pushed directly into “Run” through ignite, or the runtime manager of your choice.

ignite brings Business and IT together in the early design stages to innovate over powerful search-and-discover views of your enterprise’s full capabilities. In our design stage, leaders are able to define resources under one information model updated across your entire portfolio, unlocking consistent resources, change management, and ownership of core functions.

Your API Portfolio Could be Unlocking

Lineage of Data in Motion

Know what is consuming and consumed so you can perform impact analysis. KPI dashboards unlock a clear view of your data in motion, putting you in place to plan a clear roadmap amidst big data pouring in from digital growth initiatives.


Easily run an audit report for regulators. Full version control and change management, so you can make fixes to one iteration of a product without breaking everything else in production.

Taxonomy Views & Dashboard

Here you can see your Business Capabilities and API Products organized by functionality — just one of the many views you’ll obtain of the business functions across your entire enterprise.

Speed with Control

10x quicker speed to market through design-time governance and automated Build. The ability to reuse API Products across Lines of Business and regions enables your brand to be globally consistent and locally relevant.

Security & Governance

Customize security and governance requirements on a company-wide or Line of Business basis. Changes can be updated across the system.

A visible, consumable API Portfolio enables your company to collaborate, share, and launch fast, speeding time to market by up to 10x
ignite Banking Innovation Guide

The ignite API Product Management Platform empowers exactly this — rapid innovation from Plan to Design to Build to Run — instead of just create-and-run. So you can turn your existing assets into the goal state of 400-2,000 reusable microservices, scale fast, and start pumping out products, features, and experiences.

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