Introducing the new Paradigm of Design-Driven DevOps

Driving development from design.

When you have each function singled out into plug-and-play design artifacts, you’re able to expose consumers directly to your business functions, rather than applications. 

Design to runtime: automating the pipeline.

End-to-end speed is a critical success factor. To scale, you’re treating Run as an extension of Plan, Design, and Build, and not the other way around. When highly visible building blocks are designed upstream, you’re saving your development teams from hours of manual work rebuilding existing services or regathering requirements.

From monolith to microservices.

 Why call monolithic strings of code when really only a small bit of information is needed? The ignite platform allows development teams to work with decoupled units that offer reuse, extention, and granularity to keep you free of technical debt.

DevOps Demo

To show the role of DevOps in ignite, this demo highlights a segment of the full end-to-end lifecycle, using a “Healthy Lifestyle” API Product as example.

View to see how ignite enables DevOps to work closely with the entire Plan, Design, Build, and Run lifecycle, by:

  • Providing powerful Dashboard views to show multiple runtime environments and zones where services are running, what states they’re in, where and how they’re being published and consumed, and the important linkage between the runtime and design stages.
  • Connecting lineage, versioning, and standards to each stage of your API management lifecycle.
  • Unleashing the power of well-designed APIs to provide developers and all of your platforms the implementation details and artifacts they require, accurately in real time.

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      See how all roles within your organization can work collaboratively to Plan, Design, Build, and Run successful APIs.

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      Product Views

      DevOps Dashboard

      ignite offers a custom DevOps Dashboard where developers can view the end-to-end story of all APIs being built and in production, with live performance stacked against expected KPIs in real time.

      Workbench View: Operation Details

      Here you can capture far more than simply the shape or interface of the API, as you would with a Swagger or WSDL document: use cases, SLAs, design decisions, as well as the orchestration and data mapping to other API systems.

      Code Snippets

      ignite produces targeted artifacts, including only the needed API methods, in one convenient place so you need only copy and paste the provided code snippets into your application.

      Searchable, Holistic Repository

      Everything is mapped to the Business Glossary in the Payload view, so your global teams have search access to what’s been built and what needs to be built.


      ignite’s custom accelerators ensure the right details are captured in a series of steps to ensure every API Product is production-ready. 

      A look at the full API Product Management.

      ignite enables your enterprise to create a catalog of prebuilt core APIs, design artifacts, & building block code.

      Real time Testing Sandbox to ignite Runtime, only E2E, and ignite integrates with whatever you have.

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