Automation for Bigger-Brain Thinking

Faster Delivery with Fewer Errors

A rockstar developer can knock out 10 complex APIs in a year, maybe more — hey, we’re already impressed. But if most enterprises need 400-2,000 APIs to build out their API Catalog of digitized business capabilities, your rockstar developers are really going to appreciate a state of speed without bottlenecks.

Automating the Boring Workload

Fact: At this very moment, your developers are sitting on groundbreaking ideas that would bring enormous benefits to your company. Ideas that — if conditions were right — they could build in no time. But that’s just the problem. By calling the APIs rather than the backend systems, ignite gives developers days back every sprint; so beyond hitting MVPs — they’re bringing better customer experiences and more business value.

Building Digital Products that People Love to Use

Agile calls for collaborating with business to make world-class business-led products. Before, developers were the handbrake. Now, not so. There are no misinterpretations, or uncertainty about which API Products to build, now you’re even presented with the components so you can copy and paste only the code snippets you need so your applications can spring to life. 

Development Teams Demo

To show the role of development teams in ignite, this demo highlights a segment of the full end-to-end lifecycle, using a “Healthy Lifestyle” API Product as example. 

View to see how ignite API Products are developed in a fast, well-governed way, ensuring: 

  • Development teams can swiftly assign and prioritize tasks from one place – no more multi-versioned spreadsheets, docs, emails, and unnecessary meetings. ignite integrates with your Agile sprint planner. 
  • Developers are freed up to concentrate on the usage of the API, rather than solely the creation. ignite generates code quickly from the implementation design details, leaving more time to innovate and support the customer experience. 

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    See how all roles within your organization can work collaboratively to Plan, Design, Build, and Run successful APIs.

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    Product Views

    Code Snippets 

    ignite produces targeted documentation, including only the needed API methods, in one convenient place so you copy and paste the technology that you choose into your client application.  

    Completion Guides 

    The completion guide ensures each of your designated data standards get the greenlight so you know how your APIs are being used and where. 

    The Browse View 

    You can expand a service to get a more granular view of the resource methods, lineage, workflows, associated taxonomy and glossary terms, NFRs, and SLAs that make up each API. 

    Jira Integration 

    ignite integrates seamlessly with Jira to send an entry to team backlogs when an API product is marked as complete. This will link to the design specification in ignite, as well as any extra descriptions of the customer stories that need support. 

    Searchable, Holistic Repository 

    Everything is mapped to the Business Glossary so your global teams have search access to what’s been built and what needs to be built. 


    Realtime Testing Sandbox to ignite Runtime, only e2e, and ignite integrates with whatever you have.

    digitalML Chief Architect Andy Medlicott discusses how developers’ lives are made easier when the right elements (SLAs, NFRs) are included within the metadata of an API. 

    A look at the right platform to use when it comes to API Product Management versus API Management. 

    At the ignite User Conference, ACI covered the challenges of achieving global visibility and local relevancy.

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