ignite API Product Management Platform User Conference

October 16 – 17 | Convene Conference Center, NYC

Request your invite for this free, two-day event focused on getting ignite enterprise customers up to speed on the latest API trends, the future of the API market, and ignite product updates. You’ll walk away with an API Strategy your CEO will not only understand, but be on board with.

We’re doing things a bit differently this year – this time around, we will have themed sessions that will lead into a closed-door customer-led debate and best practice exchange. This is a rare chance to discuss strategies with other very large enterprises, most of which are not direct competitors, that share the challenges related to size.

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Topics Include

Powering Digital Products with API Products – See how API miniservices can be exposed in a business friendly way to drive innovation.

Bringing business planners and IT Implementers together
– Plan, Design, Build, and Run your API product portfolio.

Monetizing is much more than charging for API calls – Learn how APIs are enabling $100’s of millions of dollars in incremental revenue.

From Canonical Models to Domain-Based Information Models – Old concept, new technology.

5 Reasons to Attend

1.  Learn how other enterprise clients are tackling today’s biggest digital transformation challenges and opportunities. Pro tip: they’re probably not in your industry.

2.  Get ahead of the curve — we’ll show you step-by-step how to tackle IT Modernization and Digital Transformation — from getting business owners involved to scaling out winning API Products.

3.  Network with peers at other Fortune 200 brands. 

4.  Take a peek at the ignite roadmap — we recently launched some pretty cool stuff​ and have more in the works. 

5.  Unlimited  Complimentary Coffee (seriously, there’s NO limit).

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